The Bolshevik Revolution; Its Impact on American Radicals, Liberals and Labor

Author: Philip S. Foner


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This Centennial edition of Philip Foner’s documentary study presents this first-hand material, the result of diligent research in many sources, to a new generation. It will be an important revelation for many to learn of the practical unanimity with which the entire radical movement, including many trade unions, hailed the Bolshevik Revolution during its first three years. Here are the views of outstanding liberal and radical personalities and periodicals of the time, in opposition to the blockade of the young Soviet Republic and the military intervention against it. Speeches, editorials and reports of mass meetings recall the earlier campaigns for trade relations and recognition. Other books about the impact of the Revolution on the United States have dealt largely with the diplomatic history. this was the first book to show how the Revolution moved the progressive movements in this country. It is illustrated with cartoons from the period.

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